Saturday, March 22, 2014

Back Onboard

After nearly a four-year hiatus, I am coming back to this space which I earlier hope to populate with my scattered thoughts which the latter, themselves seek organization, consistency or at the very least articulation. 

I don't want to promise though I must say the back-end interface of blogger is quite promising --- and this is coming from someone who has resented too many tools called "apps" and who has stuck with the mantra "appropriate and strategic communications" in an endless sea of gadgets and apps.

And so with this return is a modest make-over of the look of my blog, thanks to a contemplative photo of fdecomite, sourced from Wikimedia Commons:

Aside from random thoughts out of perennial peregrination, I will post some long lost content that I just love or maybe even those that I hate --- Like the ancient Greeks, will bring them to the temple, expose them to the elements, including unknown souls. And whatever the goddesses and gods say,  at least experience a catharsis of some sort.

And so let the offering begin.