Sunday, July 26, 2015

sad king triton

I am sorry that I snapped.

I am sorry that you never had 
time until the water came to a boil.

I am sorry that you ignored 
spent forces throw their weight, 
sowing discord and disempowerment.

I am sorry that you could not sever your ties 
to a past that prevents the new to take root.

I am sorry that in your own way of navigating 
through contradicting currents, 
you pushed my quietly trudging boat to the rocks.

I am sorry that you may not see me bloom, 
take flight or simply move on under your wings.

I am sorry that you broke my spirit.

I am sorry that I ever believed in you.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

menstrual musing

typing away 
beating the red deadlines
on a back-breaking lane 
too narrow and shallow,
so much for 
sweaty crevices,
swerving interests, 
sneaky devices.

but unstoppable:
surging pain 
throbbing temples 
letting go of the brakes

now lying down,
under the playful moon,
closing my eyes to see you:
pulling up my dress
to rest your chamomiled palm 
on the belly in distress.

a speedy release into the warm folds
of a hovering but fleeting cloud,
away from the real stains on my cold sheets. 

19 July 2015